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21-Jun-2017 00:11

Nonetheless, contemporary artistic practice is the relationship between individual creativity, national prerogatives, institutional doctrine, society and the economy rendered concretely as “a sign of the times”.Thus, one way of gaining broader insight into contemporary South African art is to look at the ways in which it exemplifies and responds to the fragile dreams and fears of our young nation state.They argue that modern art’s individualist orientation has little place in a Pan-African development narrative premised on the traditional African worldview of Ubuntu– a term stressing the inextricable link between the individual and their community.

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However, the lack of innovative works by young artists that critically reflect the current political, economic and social environment is worrying.

The flipside to all this is that artists who do not produce easily saleable work like sculpture, painting, or, worse, controversial work, find it increasingly difficult to survive in an art world dominated by corporate and private sensibilities.